Rachael completed BSc Hons Physiotherapy in 2007 and specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy with the NHS for five years. She has trained in contemporary dance which has helped influence her teaching style focusing on linking exercises to work on fluidity and co-ordination.

In 2010, Rachael qualified with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) to become a certified Pilates instructor, including pre and post natal Pilates repertoire. Rachael currently teaches matwork classes at Greenwich Fitness and equipment based Pilates in Hampstead at the APPI.

Her classes work on awakening and activating the deeper postural muscles with good technique and control.

Rachael's Philosophy

"I believe that Pilates can be beneficial for everyone - whether fit and well in training for a marathon or working with an injury.

The Pilates exercises can be tailored to suit different bodies in different stages of life. It is also a great and safe form of exercise during and after pregnancy.

I want people to work hard and feel safe in my classes whilst having fun and enjoying working on their fitness. We are never to old to learn something new and be challenged."